Wheel of revolution

Today wheel of revolution turns wide
In world squares echo voices

Hand of workers finely grind
Purge squares from exploiters in defeat

Seeds of life scatter, turn green in squares
Hyacinths take root, with voice of partisans

Waves of wind flow from heart of mountains
They stand up and give Kurdistan life

From prison walls up to mountain tops
Red flags raise, to live is to resist

Way alight, our vanguard, martyr blood
Our vanguard is the party of workers

(Çerxa Şoreşe)

English: Işık Barış Fidaner

The video shows two Kurds as Turkish soldiers singing this Kurdish march that contradict their uniforms.


2 May 2016

I wanted you to know what happened today in the Parliament of Turkey.

Excuse me for the irrelevance of this event but it’s an immanent irrelevance that is not an irreverence.

There was a meeting arranged by the other (capitalist) political parties to lift the chair immunity of HDP (Kurdish movement) MPs. A so-called constitutional commision on chair immunity.

And Erdoğan’s MPs turned even this meeting into a fight. They are extremely anti-oedipal becoming-animal deterritorializers unfortunately. Multiplicities would be proud of them. And guess what: Multiplicities **are** proud of them. No question of that.

Then HDP MPs left the commision meeting by singing guerilla march Çerxa Şoreşe: Wheel of revolution. Yet another turning point for the apparent representative democracy in Turkey.



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