Eight #art projects for those interested

Altı sanat projesi, yedincisiyle ve sekizincisiyle birlikte İngilizcesi:

Game Dasein

1) The Uses of Sigmund Freud’s Traumdeutung: A Photographic Guide (Web design + Brochure)

Shall we do some dream-work concerning the importance of books? For instance Sigmund Freud’s masterpiece The Interpretation of Dreams is nowadays extremely underrated, no? I at least would very much appreciate if some people with experience in photography would document the proper uses of this book.


Contexualizing such a unique intellectual product of humanhind would certainly be more helpful in comparison to certain other well-known objects of desire who are continually re-contexualized by the established contemporary artistry and moreover whose actual or at least potential purposes insistently and not wholely but almost completely remain uncertain.

There should also be retro and futuristic photos to show that Traumdeutung can fit into every historical setting.



2) A Reichian Orgone Accumulator with a copy of Slavoj Zizek’s Absolute Recoil (Physical installation + Video)


And a small lamp…

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