Conditional Counting of Qualia

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Standart sapmada niye N-1?

Game Dasein

(Abstract accepted to Athens conference by GCAS.)

Two well-known prisoner schemes represent two different logics:
1) Prisoner’s Dilemma (PD) in Game Theory
2) Three Prisoners (TP) examined by Jacques Lacan.
Their difference concerns the dialectic of Quantity and Quality: In PD, qualities have a fixed arrangement and quantities are pre-determined as Game Rules; whereas in TP, quantities emerge only through the conditional counting of qualia. PD counts “score” under a fixed structure; whereas TP counts conditional existences. Their contexts rarely intersect: in Google, PD yields 507000 results, TP yields 345000 results, PD+TP together yields only 1310 results. There is a clear logical gap. Here, we devise a formalization to represent both as two modes of counting.

Structural counting consists of usual set theory representations:
0 = {}
1 = {0} = {{}}
2 = {0,1} = {0,{0}} = {{},{{}}}
3 = {0,1,2} = {0,{0},{0,{0}}} = {{},{{}},{{},{{}}}}
Increments: n ∪ {n}…

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