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Game Dasein

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Gameplay is politics
— Dialectics of game design
— part 1A: place of the subjective
— part 1B: action, manor of the subject
— part 1C: the real is the impasse of formalization; formalization is the place of the forced pass of the real
— part 1D: hegel: ’the activity of force is essentially the activity reacting against itself ’
— part 1E: subjective and objective

Does a digital game industry exist?
— Developing a game is developing a joint spirit
— Personal Relationships as the ground of Economy
— Players and Game Developers as Ecosystems
— Game Creation Space as a Pre-Economical Interspace
— Genre-ification of Games as the industrialization of the ecosystem
— Game Genre as a form of universal social labour-time
— What is the raw material of digital game ecosystems?
— Enthusiasm…

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