Fish mouth — Ruhi Su

This story of a swordfish
Could as well be unwritten
Yet the stream to take us to new waters have stopped
We were going after mackerel
I was also in the school

In my back a spear wound
Happy I was all the same
Somehow stuck in my ear
Voices saying “there’s a net”

Mermaid fallen in my thought
I have played out
To put traps on one another is within means of tuna
I am cross with the net before long
Even a child would pull me to the boat
If I were not this heavy
Love of life that makes me run like this
This a way that a way all along the course

You fish, aren’t you some sea sheep
My sword has cut the darkness of the deep
I’ve left the waters in sea sparkles
You have what have you in frosty nights
In my back a spear wound

Take and bring me to a boat with the purple band
Sorrow in my eyes big
Sad is my sword
Sell me, sell me
Drink vodka

(Balık ağzı)

Poet: Halim Şefik Güzelson
English: Işık Barış Fidaner (August 2013)


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