Where in this meme is Josiah Willard Gibbs?


— Is Gibbs the name of the elephant or the snake?

— Josiah Willard Gibbs was the first North American to get a PhD in enginnering. “In 1863, Yale awarded Gibbs the first American doctorate in engineering.” (Wikipedia) Snake or elephant? Good question. Could also be both at once. I think I would opt for the elephant but I wouldn’t object the snake.

— The elephant would be the integral – the snake the differential.

— I would say that the elephant is the entirety and the snake is a completeness, and the universality is on the side of the entirety.

— Non-entirety?

— What is non-entirety? Maybe the hat.

— I don my partial object to you.

— Thank you.


Ayrıca bkz.



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