To prepare the revolution

The spark that starts the revolution. The forms of relations whereby the revolution can propagate. The people, the communities that can carry the revolution. The power and want to take and implement such an enormous decision, the manner, the attitude, the personality that it takes. To be able to bring such a personality to maturity, the blows undergone, the impasses fallen into, the turnings back, the givings up. The decisiveness. The ability and want to be decisive, to know and to assert this possibility. Not to be buried in fear, to recognize fear on sight, to be able to overcome fear.

To recognize each and every false hope and to abolish them, but not to take refuge in despair. The courage to confront the void that shall emerge in the peeling off of all of those false hopes. To hang on not to the world but to one’s spirit, to hang on to the spirit of one’s own and to the common “holy spirit”. To abandon the seeking for guarantees. To be liberated from the subordinating needs like confirmation, authorization, sanctification. The present world conditions subordinate us to the hegemony of this or that will in the short term, but our power to change ourselves, our power to change totally as a community, is also a power that abolishes this subordination and makes us independent in the long term. In fact, I don’t know whether terms like power or ability are appropriate. Can we see one’s will as an energy? In that case, what is a state, an attitude, a manner, a personality? When are the experiences permanent and when are they temporary? When is this permanence positive and when is it negative? It might not be proper to use Physics metaphors, so we may move to other scientific domains to borrow terminology, like probability.

The Turkish version was written by Işık Barış Fidaner on April 12th 2011.

The English version is a translation by Light Peace Treeman for #WritersResist on January 11th 2017

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