Establishing of the fact: “It’s unclear.”

Association of American Universities: “The order is stranding students who have been approved to study here and are trying to get back to campus, and threatens to disrupt the education and research of many others.”

Caltech University: “This order immediately impacts the personal and professional travel of a subset of students, postdocs, faculty, and staff from abroad and elevates uncertainties for the next few months and likely beyond.”

UC Davis University: “We continue to analyze the executive order and its impact on our students, faculty, scholars, employees, and other community members.”

Tufts University: “It is anticipated that this order will take several significant actions with regard to visa issuance and admission of foreign nationals into the United States.”

Yale University: “We will continue to monitor the situation and to explore the best options available in response.”

Northeastern University: “While this situation is fluid and uncertain, let us be certain about our commitment to each other.”

Stanford University: “National security and counterterrorism considerations are of course vital to effective immigration policy. But the current situation is causing deeply regrettable alarm and uncertainty for many people who are part of the academic community here in the United States.”

Berkeley University: “This Executive Order contains provisions that seriously impact individuals from particular countries of origin.”

University of California: “While maintaining the security of the nation’s visa system is critical, this executive order is contrary to the values we hold dear as leaders of the University of California.”

Pittsburgh University: “The details of precisely who is impacted by this executive action, and under what circumstances, are still unclear at this time.”

Case Western Reserve University: “While media coverage of the effects of the order has been extensive, the precise implications of the order are not yet entirely clear.”

Brown University: “While the full impact of this executive order is still unknown, we are already seeing the effects on our campus and among our peers.”

Tulane University: “There also have been reports this week of the possibility of a freeze on immigration from several countries, an order that would have the potential to impact a number of our students and faculty.”

Cornell University: “We expect to learn more in the coming days and weeks regarding what various executive orders or other actions taken by the U.S. government will mean.”

“Some of the actions that are being taken, such as temporary suspension of new federal funding and temporary freezes on federal hiring, are not unusual when US presidential administrations change. Other actions, including the prevalent leaking of draft executive order documents that create uncertainty and anxiety, are not typical of past administration changes.”

MIT University: “The Executive Order President Trump signed yesterday restricting individuals from seven countries from entering the United States is already having an impact on members of our community.”

UC Irvine University: “Yesterday President Trump signed an executive order suspending entry into the United States for various categories of travelers.”

Emory University: “Government agencies have not yet announced details as to how each of these directives will be implemented.”

Clemson University: “A recent Presidential Executive Order has suspended entry into the United States for non-US citizens from a number of countries.”

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