‘Life is us, art is us’

11 February 2017 — dihaber.net

DİYARBAKIR – Diyarbakır City Theater actors/actresses, after their jobs were terminated by the kayyum appointed to the City Municipality, convened with theater lovers by performing the stand-up show “Dawiya Dawi” that they prepared by gathering back together. The artists said “life is us, art is us” and that good days are coming.

The 31 theater actor/actress whose jobs in Diyarbakır City Theater were terminated by the kayyum appointed to Diyarbakır City Municipality, gathered back together despite obstructions and pressures, and convened with theater lovers by performing the stand-up show “Dawiya Dawi”. The play performed in Diyar Galeria İş [*] Center attracted great interest. Many citizens attended, including HDP Urfa MP Osman Baydemir, HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş’ spouse Başak Demirtaş, HDP Diyarbakır MP Ziya Pir, and DBP Deputy Co-Chair Gülcihan Şimşek.


Theater worker Berfin Emektar, in a short speech on behalf of theater workers, said that they are not without alternative even though the kayyum have terminated their jobs. Emektar said, “The stages have always been ours. We have been the first ones to cut the stone too, we have been the first ones to battle to protect our lands and our food too. We have been the first magicians, the first austeres [derviş] on the way for truth too. We have sung the first lullabies for the newborn, we have wailed requiems for those who bade farewell to life too. We are the ones to write loves and experience them too. We too have been the first ones to undergo oppression, and again the ones to resist too! We have been the narrators who carried the legend of Spartacus to this day. We have also been the ones to witness the cries of people like Mehmet Tunç!”


Saying “life is us, art is us”, Emektar said that they were going through hard times but that the good days are coming. Emektar said “We are on the side of the human, on the side of the art. Since the first human being, by saying ‘No’ to everything that wants to destroy goodness and beauty, we shall summon a new world.”

After her speech, the stand-up show “Dawiya Dawi” was performed. The play dealt with the government’s view of the Kurdish people and told about the problems through ironic language. Theater lovers experienced fun moments during the stand-up show.


HDP Urfa MP Osman Baydemir took the stage after the theater performance, congrulated the theater workers, and gave them roses. Baydemir hailed the MPs and municipal co-chairs that were elected by people’s will and condemned the shutdown of the theater that had been operating under Diyarbakır City Municipality. Baydemir said: “People’s institutions are now being forcefully seized. People are being fired. But this people will not obey these impositions. The people will never obey them. Even primitive tribes would deem such impositions shameful when one tribe would burn the other tribe’s crop. They would say “Don’t play with their bread.” But now they are playing with the breads of everyone, from academics to theater workers. Never doubt, alma mazlumun ahını çıkar aheste aheste. [-] This winter will be the last winter for the members of the cause for freedom. We have never committed unconscionable acts.”


After the theater performance, the participants attended the painting exhibition of Zehra Doğan, among the editors of JINHA, [%] journalist and painter, who reported news for months during the “curfew” in Nusaybin. The exhibition of the paintings by Doğan, who continues her work in both of her professions in Mardin E-Type Prison, opened up in the ground floor of Diyar Galeria İş Center. It will remain open until March 1. The exhibition called “141” indicates Doğan’s 141 days in prison.

Art lovers wandered through the exhibition and got informed about the paintings.

English: Light Peace Treeman

[*] t.n. “İş” is the Turkish word for “work” but it’s used to say “business” in the commercial sense.

[-] t.n. It is a proverb that means “Don’t hurt the aggrieved, or you will eventually pay for what you’ve done.”

[%] t.n. Women’s News Agency. It was shut down.

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