Death fast against the bank’s bad testimonial


A retired teacher mother begins a hunger strike in front of the bank that terminated her daughter’s job and gave her a bad testimonial. She says that the bank is responsible for the fact that her daughter couldn’t find a job for two years.

Ayşe Durmaz [*] is a retired teacher.

She brought up her daughter İlke, [+] sent her to a school and ensured that she becomes a banker, the most creditable profession at the time.

Everything was excellent but when her daughter got married and gave birth, her job was terminated, justified by “low performance”. And thus the great nightmare began for the family. The young banker submitted job applications to just about any bank in Turkey but she was refused in the last minute because of the bad testimonial on her.

Despite the bank’s denial that it gave a bad testimonial on her daughter, the family persisted on this claim. After her daughter couldn’t find a job for two years the mother virtually expressed her outrage by writing a letter to the bank’s high authorities. The letter was inconsequential, so she will now seek a remedy by doing a hunger strike in front of the bank’s tower in Levent. [%]

The mother Ayşe Durmaz, claiming that the bank drives her daughter to hunger, said “our repeated attempts did not bring any outcome. This bank is ruining the lives of hundreds of bankers along with my daughter by giving bad testimonials. The state unfortunately did nothing about this. I’ll sacrifice my soul this time to bring attention to this trouble with testimonials and I’ll start a hunger strike Monday morning.”

Ayşe Durmaz’ letter:

A scream and an appeal from a mother with a trouble:

As the mother of all of the young whose jobs are forcibly terminated, who are absolutely prevented to work in another job, whose lives get ruined, who are condemned to hunger while alive, firstly on behalf of my daughter – I made a vow to be her voice and her scream. I put my soul on the line. I told my trouble. They lied down on it. I told about my special situation too. Let it be known that I have absolutely no intention to use credit from her! There is no barrier that a mother cannot overcome for her children. As the mother of all of the aggrieved young whose lives were destroyed, I will first do a hunger strike, and then a death fast. If both of my babies are dead while alive, then I am never alive. I take a vow to raise my voice in front of Finansbank General Administration. You are terminating not only these young, but also their families. I’m bringing this to the attention of those who administer the country. Just hear it, listen to it. I’m informing the state about the traumas that such ugly attitudes create. The young, don’t be frightened. Raise your voice if you are right, never give up.

“I am seeking a breathe within death.” I began a journey, I’ll reach its end.

As if the troubles, problems of the country weren’t enough, look at this massacre secretly done too, just hear, how many lives are being suffocated, Here I’m calling out to the Bar Association and all of the lawyers. How can one do such a massacre, I expect a response, it’s enough, hear my voice. Our lives are ruined. This regime will change. [ admins censored the sentence here] I’m igniting the fuse of this slaughter. Let us unite as a heart against these injustices… I call all press and media institutions to “be sensitive”.

Banker’s mother Ayşe Durmaz started a hunger strike in front of the bank that’s claimed to have given a bad testimonial after terminating her daughter’s job. Hunger strike continues under the rain!

Ayşe Durmaz said “I thought it was only my daughter who was subjected to this injustice, now I see many other aggrieved people. I started a hunger strike here for my daughter and for those who were aggrieved due to the pollution of bad testimonials.”

The mother Ayşe Durmaz also asked the Ministry of Labor and the Minister on Family to protect her daughter as well as all bankers.

On the other hand, the bank did not issue any statement regarding the mother who started the hunger strike in the area just across the bank’s general administration building.

English: Işık Barış Fidaner

[*] t.n. “Ayşe Durmaz : Ayşe Doesn’t Stop”

[+] t.n. “İlke Durmaz : Principle Doesn’t Stop”

[%] t.n. “Levent : Marine” is a neighborhood with several bank towers.


Binding, which seeks to restrain someone from doing harm, is differentiated from cursing or hexing, which is meant to inflict harm on the target(s). It is understood, in this context, that binding does not generate the potential negative blowback from cursing/hexing/crossing, nor does it harm the caster’s karma.”

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