Introduction to Sociotechnical Cognition — compilation

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Lighthouse (Life Is Strange)

Read me!

Sociotechnic Activities at Planet Trappist-1e

On what-is and what-ought-to-be

Significance Test: Discourse and Perception


Words of Capital

Digital transference: Energy and Entropy

The inability to acknowledge a proven fact, as translated into an appeal to an authority to “unfortunately” disregard some person (me, in this case)

A sentence

United state

The card-carrying human kindness seeker

Presenting VNIS

The arrow of time and the shitters

About my situation

— Neuroscience can devise a dialectical philosophy of sociotechnical cognition

What is a scientist? Who are “we” and who are “they”?

Topology as Tautology


RESIST QUANTUM! (Ceren Büyüktetik)

Those who think they have found the black hole without
even observing the solar system
(Aslı Erdoğan)

— Combinatorial problems inherently require questions of non-spatial presence

On Physics and the Real of Woman

To prepare the revolution

The Eyes of History

Just as there can be no meta-language, there can be no meta-data

The addressee

Scientific Stakeholding

We reject the terminations in DTCF Department of Theater (ÖKM Stage)

Amed City Theater opens with its first play (Vecdi Erbay)

‘Life is us, art is us’

Other books


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