Stamp Collecting!

3 March 2017, TR

I took the emission spectroscopy data from 46 exoplanets available at the NASA Exoplanet Archive website (shown below) and generated this dendrogram by running Entropy Agglomeration Algorithm (REBUS) on it.

For clarity, the analysis was limited to the central wavelength values (CWV) that occurred on at least two exoplanets, which makes 21 CWVs among the total of 201 CWVs 180 of which occur only on a single exoplanet.

The vertical axis shows the individual CWVs that were included in the analysis.

The horizontal axis shows the entropies of their combinations that occur within the generated dendrogram.

A low entropy value for a CWV combination indicates an entropic correlation among its elements.

An entropic correlation is a correlation that’s computed like one would do in a stamp collection.

Does anyone know what these branches mean?





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