Nuriye Gülmen: Declaration of Hunger Strike


As teachers, academicians, sociologists and civil servants who were purged under the state of emergency decree, we have been on sit-in protest in front of Human Rights Monument in Ankara, Turkey* over 150 days to protest against injustice. Since November 9th 2016, in order not to forget the injustice we faced with, we are making a stand. To keep the fire inside us alive, not to let it chill and not to lose the feeling of “how could you take our jobs from us?”, we are making a stand. Let us be the last. We are making a stand in order not to let one more worker being thrown away from public with emergency decree without any explanation. We are making a stand to lead the way for other purged public workers so that they would not sink into despair and put an end to their lives**.

Over four and…

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