Semih Özakça: Declaration of Hunger Strike


I am in an Indefinite- Irreversible Hunger Strike for my Job and my Students

I am Semih Özakça. I was born in Eskişehir, Turkey in 1989. I’ve come a long way through  a lot of sacrifice and effort. I completed my education with the sacrifices of my family, whose mere aim was building a good future for me and bringing home food. Our people know what this means very well because these are also the major concerns and experiences of many of them.

In order to become a teacher, I studied hard for years and graduated from university. However, this was not enough to become a teacher in a public school in Turkey. In fact, I had to sit an exam in order to become a teacher in a public school. In this exam, they do not assess whether the candidate has had sufficient education to teach children or not…

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