Lecturing Exemption Demand Procedure and Policy: 0. Introduction


In the e-mails that people sent to obtain Boston Report which was published under the first unwarranted confidentiality order so that I wouldn’t appear to have jumped on WikiLeaks’ revelation bandwagon, a gender disparity attracted my attention.

Only 25% of the demands sent originated from women and moreover the 33.3333threethree% of the demander men had narrated other women who weren’t among the demanders.

And I observed that one probable cause for this had become prominent:

Unwarranted worries that “IBF may attempt to lecture us” [0]

So I decided to prepare a Lecturing Exemption Demand Procedure and Policy to overcome this distress.

I’m going to begin with some general explanations and conclude with some general definitions.

It will consist of five sections in total:

Lecturing Exemption Demand Procedure and Policy

0) Introduction

1) Why Demand?

2) Why Not Application?

3) Why Not Reference?

4) The difference between Procedure and Policy

5) Key, Door, Bridge, Ground

[0] “Lecturing” here intends to refer to what is known as “Mansplaining”.


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