İstanbul Solidarity Academy’s Message of Support to the March for Science

I encountered this other Turkish message to March for Science, one month after writing mine and communicating it to MFS Germany and MFS Charleston. I’m not sure whether İstanbul Solidarity Academy managed to communicate their message or not.


Note: I corrected the capital “İ” letter in “İstanbul”.

İstanbul Solidarity Academy — 22 April 2017 — Turkish version

As scholars, researchers and Ph.D. candidates who are in the process of launching the İstanbul Solidarity Academy, we extend our support to the March for Science, to take place on April 22, 2017.

Fired or suspended by Statutory Decree from universities in Turkey under the state of emergency and accused of being “terrorists”, we nonetheless strive to perpetuate the critical mission that social and natural sciences must fulfill even under conditions of populist irrationalism and authoritarianism.

The İstanbul Solidarity Academy aims to revive the spirit of universitas, which is being lost in the regulated spaces of neoliberal/authoritarian university systems around the globe. By uniting scholars forcibly deprived of institutional affiliation, we promote the dissemination of knowledge in alternative spaces, the production of academic work that interacts with society, and the development of an egalitarian mode of relating that embraces differences instead of excluding them.

We join the March for Science in speaking up for academic values currently under risk, strongly denounce the de-funding of universities, and pledge to struggle against direct or indirect attacks on academia by actual or would-be authoritarian governments.

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