Letter To the Peoples of Turkey and the World (1) — Semih Özakça

To the Peoples of Turkey and the World;

In our struggle for bread, honour and justice, in order to be the voice of the workers that were dismissed and deprived of their bread by Executive Orders issued with the excuse of the state of exception, in order to go back to our job, we revolutionary democrat public workers are in the 200+ days of our resistance and 80+ days of our hunger strike. We have a single demand “We want our job, our students back!” As intellectuals of the society we were also pursuing our struggle against unfairnesses and injustices before our jobs were terminated. Since 2012, there was an intention to deprive public workers of their job security and abolish permanent positions, we were hearing about it. The current situation we face with the excuse of the state of exception is the product of an idea that was planned and programmed in advance. Thus AKP rule used the state of exception as a justification and grounds for their politics of precarity, they turned the situation into an opportunity and deprived many public workers of their bread with the excuse of the coup attempt. But what does the coup attempt have to do with us revolutionary democrat workers? Those who have to do with the coup are so open that they are now trying to run the country. Because they do their politics using the methods and conspiracies of those they associate with the coup. Why did they dismiss us from our jobs? By dismissing us from our jobs, they were to comb out those who will oppose their politics; they were to do what they want without distress, without annoying obstacles on their way, and they were to suppress all of those who were to oppose them, to prevent the discordant voices. A ruler threatening a people with their bread, trying to discipline them with hunger to rule them, is the end point that’s reached. Bread is sacred, the right to work is the minimum condition of living. What is expected of workers who are deprived of their right to work, whose bread is being played at. To sit and shut up? To resist for the right to live and work? In our case what must be done by necessity is the second option. We resist…


English: Işık Barış Fidaner


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