Letter To the Peoples of Turkey and the World (2) — Semih Özakça


During our resistance the rulers didn’t deign to say a word for months other than police attacks and custodies… In the 60+ days of our indefinite hunger strike, as our resistance became quite visible, our families were able to talk to the deputy prime minister; but as expected, they smiled to our faces and attacked us from behind. When they first tried to arrest us, we’d told them that we’d go on with our hunger strike. As we didn’t abandon our demand for our jobs despite all attacks, despite torture and oppression, the only remaining option for the rulers were to arrest us. Or to return us back to our jobs. They thought they could end the hunger strike, end the support by arresting us, they were wrong. This time, the politics of oppression that they’ve always been doing backfired and growed the resistance even more. We were arrested but our resistance, our hunger strike goes on with determination. We haven’t lost a milimeter from our hope, our faith and our will. On the contrary, we demand our bread with a stronger voice even. We endorse the prices we will pay with a smile. Maybe the price of this resistance will be too heavy, maybe it can’t be prevented that some people will pay it more heavily. The rulers are determined to insistently defend their injustices and unfairnesses, they are determined to enforce things that they will regret. Against our own insistence and determination this obstinacy of theirs has no effect. In any case, our hunger strike will go on until we go back to our jobs, we’ll perhaps go on to grow our action. Against someone’s will to take back one’s bread and honour, another will that shows enmity has no effect. We endeavor to live, they endeavor to exploit, to appropriate what we have obtained through our labor, through our toil.

Our bread is the reason for our fight

Our honour is the reason for our fight

Seeking justice is the reason for our fight

We know that this fight will only end when a just order will be established. Our indefinite hunger strike, when we take back our jobs.


English: Işık Barış Fidaner



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