Letter To the Peoples of Turkey and the World (3) — Semih Özakça


It was clear that those who detained us by breaking into our home the night of the day we signed for judicial control were malevolent and that they aimed to torture and torment us. If the prosecution had reasonably called us for testimonial we would go to testify even if we would find out that an order was given to arrest us. The aim of breaking into our home is to criminalize our action and ourselves by producing a demagogy on terror.

The element of crime found after searching our home for hours is merely a giant nothing. They were also aware that they wouldn’t be able to find any element of crime in our home. In fact they didn’t come to find such an element. After the searching and the documents were completed they wanted to forcibly get us out of our home. Their aim was to force us outside and torture us. They forcibly tossed us into the detention car like a sack. This torture done at midnight could have direr consequences for our health.

We were detained and we were thrown into custody. The police commander, when our lawyers told him about the effects of the conditions of custody, he answered: “custody is no different than this, it’s neat and clean”. He saw that all custodies were jampacked and they put me as the third person into a place for two. So I was forced to lay down on the dusty and dirty concrete floor. I also couldn’t take the water, sugar and salt I needed. We informed them that we wouldn’t take water and sugar if we wouldn’t be brought to the prosecution immediately. The prosecutor, apart from asking about my intentions and thoughts, told only a single concrete thing that I did. This: The video of a song that I played and sang was shared by a facebook address, and I either liked it or shared it. When I repeated his question, I was able to apprehend that I was being blamed for the action in question. One of the interesting questions by the prosecutor who wants to learn about my thoughts: “Have you thought that these actions would lead to insurrections like Gezi and Tekel?”


English: Işık Barış Fidaner



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