Letter To the Peoples of Turkey and the World (4) — Semih Özakça


I told them that that wasn’t my problem, that other people should think about it, that my hunger strike will end when I’m given back my job. But during my defense and our lawyers’ defense the prosecution was always doing something with his phone not seeming to have any interest in us. He interrupted the lawyers’ defense to tell them to be quick and that he is busy. While our lawyers were proceeding with their defense, Mr Prosecutor told that he has to take his child from school, that his wife is busy and she can’t take the child so he has to go. It was clear from the beginning that this was being done by an order. The indications were clear: The break into our home, tens of policemen deployed inside and outside the courthouse, tens of riot police blockading our location within the courthouse, they even took the prosecutor into the blockade instead of his room, and the prosecutor’s “predetermined and disinterested attitude” was telltale. When our defenses were completed in the prosecution office the prosecutor had requested some time for decision. At that moment Counter Terrorism Police Commander and another policeman entered the prosecutor’s room. They stayed within the prosecutor’s room for several minutes. They even received tea and returned their empty glasses. After speaking to the prosecutor for 40-45 minutes the policemen left the room. What does the prosecutor speak, even the prosecutor who is busy and doesn’t have time, speak to the CT policemen while deciding about us, what does the CT policemen speak? One can easily guess the answer. Like AKP recklessly violating the laws, it was imposed on the prosecutor via the policemen that he should dispatch us for arrestment in accordance with an order. Without any evidence for the crimes imputed to us, we can say that what was done and what happened is the best evidence for the injustice, for the fact that justice cannot be served with this mentality. Finally the prosecutor did not surprise us and made his decision to “dispatch for arrestment”. Now this prosecutor will speak sweetly to his child, he will caress his or her head. But at the same period, my mother will be kept into custody because she made a public statement to support me…

We were made to wait for hours in the courthouse. When we received the news that a group in custody including my mother and my wife would be brought to the courthouse I got excited that I would be able to see them. Some time later I heard that the prosecutor decided to bring them to the prosecution office the next day. When I heard this decision I was convinced that they didn’t want me to see, to encounter my wife and my mother, I got angry. The work hours were over. We are being made to wait in the courthouse to be arrested since the early morning hours. We gave our defence to the judgeship on duty and we got arrested. While the judge was reading the decision, also while he was listening to us, he had an empty stare. It was as if he wanted to leave as soon as possible. How did I get this? You won’t find this interesting but; when I was facing the judge, again, while our lawyers were making the defense, he looked at the lawyers to call out “there are too many trials, make it quick”. If people deny what I tell, I can show the video and audio recordings, but such people would erase them too. Let’s say: They know themselves and we know them. After the arrestment decision I learned that my wife and my mother was brought to the courthouse. I would give anything to see them at that moment. Several lawyers behind us were chanting to support us when we were being brought to the prison. We also had chants on our tongue, our fist in the air. When we got to the elevator, other people in the courthouse around us looked us with eyes filled with love to say “good bye, take great care of yourselves”. We greeted them… And the prison…


English: Işık Barış Fidaner



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