Letter To the Peoples of Turkey and the World (5) — Semih Özakça


Nuriye was brought to Sincan Women; I was brought to Sincan No 1 F-type. The prison conditions and especially isolation is already a heavy condition for any person; it gets much heavier for someone who is in a hunger strike and whose movement capabilities are getting more and more restricted. When there were death fasts in prisons, the governments’ method was to release the death fasters to prevent them from dying or getting crippled in their hands. By changing the direction of the earlier policy of getting people outside, they took us inside. By keeping us captive they were to slander us at their will, and intimidate people that whatever the conditions, their freedom can be taken from them. As soon as we got into the prison, the statements by the Minister of the Interior Süleyman Soylu began coming out. Whomever Süleyman Soylu spoke about, he had never failed to show his hate, lie with impunity and make abundant threats. When we were arrested, he again insisted to behave according to his disposition: he counted on TV our democratic actions and activities like poster hanging and public statements to present them as terrorist activities, he told about the accusations in our former trials, he claimed that we were in fact DHKP-C members, he presented the fact that we were detained 30 times during our resistance for our job and our bread like an evidence that we were savage criminals. In addition to this litany he got as low as any other ruler to say “they are eating”. Such statements are neither the first nor will be the last.

Those who have the potential to call any democratic action or activity a terrorist action or activity, those who consider the smallest dissent unfavourable and seize people’s freedoms, those who seize the breads of all those who don’t join them, are guilty of these deeds that they have committed. And those who commit crimes are condemned to be called to account in face of history and in face of the people sooner or later.


English: Işık Barış Fidaner


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