Letter To the Peoples of Turkey and the World (6) — Semih Özakça


Our arrest aimed to desperately restrain the support we received by keeping us away from the people, but the support we receive has transcended national boundaries, we were reciprocated by support messages, actions and activities from many people, many countries and organizations. National support actions continue to face police attacks and custodies. So much so that in Yüksel street, our home and our place of action, they surrounded the Human Rights Monument with barriers, punishing and arresting the monument. Like everything they do, they are unable to apprehend the contradiction of the situation. Since we identify with the Human Rights Monument, while they intend to keep us away from the people, they give the daily message that there are people who “want their jobs”…

These practices and pressures weren’t able to reduce our voice and it won’t. Our voice will get stronger and more enthusiastic. If the rulers continue their attacks and continue to deny our demands, we will in turn continue our resistance with determination and grow our resistance.

1) Our hunger strike will continue in the prison with insistence until we get results.

2) Against the efforts to reduce our voices in the place of resistance and in all the squares, we will continue to raise our voice.

The struggle for bread and honour found an echo as a result of the rulers’ insistence on unfairness and injustice, in proportion to this insistence. The issue has grown as a result of the rulers’ unconditional pursuing of the unacceptable wrongs that they have committed – in order not to eat their own words. We aren’t among those who say “I was deceived, I didn’t know, I couldn’t see”. Yes we are revolutionary-democrat public workers. They were to blend us into what they call FETÖ, dismiss us as fait accompli, but it didn’t work out. When our voices were reciprocated by the peoples of Turkey and the world, people reacted to the rulers and they were surprised and baffled due to this situation, they got hasty. Because now all the world has seen that the ones who were dismissed by being associated with the coup had nothing to do with the coup. Even this situation is sufficient to show the illegitimacy of the dismissals in the public sector. They are not right. Their attacks and arrests are efforts to suppress their guilt, it’s guilty conscience.


English: Işık Barış Fidaner



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