Letter To the Peoples of Turkey and the World (7) — Semih Özakça


We are proud to be the revolutionary-democrat intellectuals of this country. In the eyes of the rulers all opposition and all revolutionary-democrats are either terrorist or those who are closest candidates to be a terrorist. The people and the intellectuals are the usual suspects. But despite all their deceivedness, those who get rich and start a family and then take the bread from the hands of the workers are whiter than white, is that so?..

Against Israel’s zionism, the Palestinian captives that we are in solidarity have concluded their hunger strike with gains, but AKP government has proved that they are more thick-skinned, more insensitive to the people and more cruel than Israel’s zionism.

From the day we have been held captive, my wife Esra ÖZKAN ÖZAKÇA and my mother Sultan ÖZAKÇA have also started an Indefinite Hunger Strike demanding that I be returned to my job. As the impact of a hunger strike changes from one person to another, as one cannot measure the injury that one day of hunger strike causes on someone, each and every day is of great importance. The rulers want to overlook the hunger this family is suffering. If we all raise the same voice the rulers can’t even potentially overlook. Thus let’s be in unity to propagate the voice of the hunger strikes, let’s struggle together. Let’s proceed toward the light and the bread after the black smoke disperses…

I’m sure intellectuals, artists and all the people have something great and small to make the cries of my mother and my wife heard.

The beautiful fellow men and women of the peoples of Turkey and the World, since you’ve become a voice in our voice, since you’ve given power to our power, I hug you a billion-fold. I don’t know how long our lifetime will be on the scene of history but what matters is that the short and long history writes us with resistance, with struggle and with kindliness.

I fear death
If it comes aimless and suddenly
I don’t fear death
If history writes it with golden letters
I fear living
Without honour and in hiding
I don’t fear living
With courage and my head held high
Let this be our last words;
We loved our homeland and this people so much.

We Want Our Jobs Back!
Long Live Our Hunger Strike!
We Are Workers, We Are Right, We Will Win!

I’ll see you in sunny days.


English: Işık Barış Fidaner


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