Washing hands as a dialectical process

The coronavirus haunts you as a probability. It infects you as an abstraction, so you have to sublate it.

The dialectical process is like washing your hands. You soap your hands for several seconds to get the virus. Then you rinse your hands to get rid of the virus.

After losing the ordinary life that used to be before the coronavirus outbreak, you suffer a melancholy. This melancholy is like the soaping of your hands. It takes some time. You will ponder over your life for a while.

But you know it’s gone now.

So you will mourn and sublate the deep contemplation over your previous life. This is like rinsing your hands in the river of time. This is needed for your desire to be “free and uninhibited again” [1].

[1] “Authentic Fidelity is the Drive to Mourn”

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