Clamor and Lenio — compilation

resim_2021-05-28_202053Final version: 16 October 2020

The texts can be read from the individual links or from the compilation’s tag page (Clamor and Lenio).

Işık Barış Fidaner


Clamor and Lenio

The Void, The Hole Void, Nothing But The Void

The Rock of Reality, The Paper of Truth, The Scissors of Semblances

Masculine and Feminine: Truth, Reality and Semblances

True-False : Right-Wrong = Desire : Intention

Establishing a Fact is neither Establishing a Faked nor Establishing a Fucked

The Contradiction About Contradiction

Other compilations

囂 : clamor

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One response to “Clamor and Lenio — compilation

  1. Slavoj zizek

    These interventions are like a necklace of most precious pearls. Reading them, I regularly feel anxiety – the writer understands the implications of what I say better than myself!

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