Görce Writings

Görce Writings are short texts compiled in e-booklets (36 in English, 132 in Turkish) listed below. You can read the writings by following the links below the image. Türkçe e-kitapçıklar için tıklayınız!

These interventions are like a necklace of most precious pearls. Reading them, I regularly feel anxiety – the writer understands the implications of what I say better than myself! — Slavoj Žižek

Görce (Virtue) is to assume the passion of ignorance in order to open the field of truth at the horizon of knowledge. It does not designate docta ignorantia in the sense of knowing the limitation of one’s mortal knowledge in the face of the transcendence of the divine absolute knowledge; it rather resembles Žižekian-Hegelian Absolute Knowing in the sense of assuming the ignorance of the big Other (Sex and the Failed Absolute). It is the practice of producing substances by freely unknowing them.


Vanessa Sinclair, “to refuel the endless cycle of desiring”

I started compiling Görce Writings via the texts I wrote in English for the Žižekian Analysis blog and then translated into Turkish. The first text is dated 2018, the first compilation is dated 2020. Sometimes I write in English and then translate into Turkish. Sometimes I write in Turkish and translate into English. Sometimes I don’t translate and leave it in the original language, some texts turn out to be untranslatable to the other language anyway. If you have no idea where to start, I suggest that you read this text as an introduction: “Authority, Body, Will, System, Desire, Malfunction and the Coronavirus”. After reading some texts, you might consider testing yourself by doing a Quiz or playing a little Game!

Işık Barış Fidaner

All e-booklets are marked by Chinese letters to form a visual index that functions like remembering books by their covers. Below each of the pages I wrote the meaning of its letter. Click to view all compilations successively.

Görce e-booklets in English:

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1) Aurora Borealis

2) Authorization and Embodiment

3) Energy and Entropy

4) Symbolic Mourning and Real Mourning

5) Coronavirus

6) Return to Real Embodiment

7) Meta Non-language

8) One-sided Coin

9) Clamor and Lenio

10) True Truth

11) Interlocutorship

12) Staging Entropy

13) Combinatorial Unworld

14) Third Sex

15) Cluster Struggle

16) Echology

17) Master and Analyst

18) Intersectional Field

19) Demand du monde

20) Initiation & Ground

21) World-Symptom

22) Echocide

23) Demembrance

24) Entropy(special page)

25) Respectre

26) Ideoanalysis

27) Ignorant Ghost

28) Identity and Disparity

29) Master-bait

30) Fulcrum

31) Semio-tics

32) Greeting Oneself

33) Split Moon

34) Herr-matic

35) Core-chip

36) Aquarius

Writings that are not yet compiled.

Işık Barış Fidaner is a computer scientist with a PhD from Boğaziçi University, İstanbul. Admin of Yersiz Şeyler, Editor of Žižekian Analysis, Curator of Görce Writings. Twitter: @BarisFidaner (details)