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Everything In Its Right Place — Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar

Everything in its right place; cypress next to the pond
A water wheel creaks without a break from afar,
As if stuff projected out of a magical sleep,
Vines and beetle sounds envelop the house

Everything in its right place; table, pitcher, glass,
At the illumination blooming through the branches
Time watches like a fascinated antilope
Silence touches in a way leaf by leaf…

I know that you sleep in the shadow
There as cosy and cool as a sea cave
Your eyelashes shut in a pleasure world
A smile on your face when this heavy noon ends.

Maybe these freshly bloomed roses are your dreams,
On top of these soft illuminated branches,
Never ending song of love in doves’ voices,
For the dream of our life permeates stuff.

Everything in its right place; a water wheel from afar
Creaks without a break like a spirit in torment,
Perhaps it reminds of our adventure
Fallen autumn leaves flutter in the wind.

(Herşey Yerli Yerinde)

English: Işık Barış Fidaner

ç.n. Note the extremely significant difference between “maybe” and “perhaps”. In Turkish both are called “belki”.

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