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Sociotechnical Cognition — Dr. Işık Barış Fidaner

47dd864b4ff02e3ae1e01c5b03ff325d-e1497355048843.jpgThis letter is to be read as if in a museum.

It’s included in my 37th Placeless Book Introduction to Sociotechnical Cognition with the title “Neuroscience can devise a dialectical philosophy of sociotechnical cognition”.


January 9th, 2017

Dear Kathinka Evers,

I just completed my postdoc work in Boston and I am writing this letter to become a Researcher at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB) in Uppsala University.

I’m submitting this application letter for both announcements, since my essential purpose is to work with you in CRB. To help to clarify my role in CRB, I dedicated a whole section to the questions raised by CRB’s Tasks.

After the U.S. presidency elections, I was already planning to move and work in Uppsala in Sweden. So in December I took the CRB announcements extremely seriously. I worked on this letter during the past few weeks, piece by piece rewriting to concretize the content (especially Section 1). It’s still a rough sketch given the depth of the questions, though I hope to have plenty of time to investigate these questions later.

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Introduction to Sociotechnical Cognition — compilation

sociotechnical-kapakLast version: 27 February 2017

(93 pages — PDFLaTeX)


Lighthouse (Life Is Strange)

Read me!

Sociotechnic Activities at Planet Trappist-1e

On what-is and what-ought-to-be

Significance Test: Discourse and Perception


Words of Capital

Digital transference: Energy and Entropy

The inability to acknowledge a proven fact, as translated into an appeal to an authority to “unfortunately” disregard some person (me, in this case)

A sentence

United state

The card-carrying human kindness seeker

Presenting VNIS

The arrow of time and the shitters

About my situation

— Neuroscience can devise a dialectical philosophy of sociotechnical cognition

What is a scientist? Who are “we” and who are “they”?

Topology as Tautology


RESIST QUANTUM! (Ceren Büyüktetik)

Those who think they have found the black hole without
even observing the solar system
(Aslı Erdoğan)

— Combinatorial problems inherently require questions of non-spatial presence

On Physics and the Real of Woman

To prepare the revolution

The Eyes of History

Just as there can be no meta-language, there can be no meta-data

The addressee

Scientific Stakeholding

We reject the terminations in DTCF Department of Theater (ÖKM Stage)

Amed City Theater opens with its first play (Vecdi Erbay)

‘Life is us, art is us’

Other books


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Sociotechnic Activities at Planet Trappist-1e

I haven’t written the book. It’s just the seed.


You are being sent to the human colony in TRAPPIST-1e to serve as a “sociotechical worker” which primarily involves the constant adjustment of the so-called action-signifiers that are being deployed in the space station for its variety of tasks.


There is a terrestrial legend, a myth about a life form, a neural leech that proliferates on TRAPPIST-1E. Earth folks sometimes associate inexplicable phenomena with this thing they call …?…

But your colleagues on the planet confidently deny its existence. There are adverse life forms but they are nothing like that, and the incidents on the Earth show neither correlation nor regularity, so it’s just that, a myth.

“The Earth folks have always been a bit too …?… anyways,” the professor explains. “Let’s go to the space farmer’s market and I’ll show you the actual life forms we have here.”



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‘Life is us, art is us’

11 February 2017 — dihaber.net

DİYARBAKIR – Diyarbakır City Theater actors/actresses, after their jobs were terminated by the kayyum appointed to the City Municipality, convened with theater lovers by performing the stand-up show “Dawiya Dawi” that they prepared by gathering back together. The artists said “life is us, art is us” and that good days are coming.

The 31 theater actor/actress whose jobs in Diyarbakır City Theater were terminated by the kayyum appointed to Diyarbakır City Municipality, gathered back together despite obstructions and pressures, and convened with theater lovers by performing the stand-up show “Dawiya Dawi”. The play performed in Diyar Galeria İş [*] Center attracted great interest. Many citizens attended, including HDP Urfa MP Osman Baydemir, HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş’ spouse Başak Demirtaş, HDP Diyarbakır MP Ziya Pir, and DBP Deputy Co-Chair Gülcihan Şimşek.

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Amed City Theater opens with its first play — Vecdi Erbay

Amed City Theater has prepared its first play. The theater will perform its first play on Saturday


Vecdi Erbay — 10 February 2017 — gazeteduvar.com.tr

Etimesgut subprefect Cumali Atilla who had been appointed as kayyım [*] to Diyarbakır in November 2016 had de facto shut down the City Theater by not renewing the agreements of the 31 actors/actresses of the theater. In the time being, the actors/actresses of Diyarbakır City Theater weren’t able to perform the plays that they’d prepared for the new season. They also went through hard times economically.

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We reject the terminations in DTCF Department of Theater — ÖKM Stage

The terminations of academics in DTCF Department of Theater, Ankara, the first academic department in Turkey to give theater education, is the most noticeable example of the activities that have been getting worse and worse in Turkey each and every day, to dismay, to erode and to destroy everyone that have been producing in theater and contributing to these productions.

We reject the silencing of artistic production! We reject the silencing of all constituents that have been contributing to artistic production! We reject the attempt to expel art to a point where it’s difficult and even impossible to reach! We reject the dysfunctionalization of a department that have made inappreciably high contributions to the world of theater!

As we have said before the theaters will produce will live will not be destroyed!

ÖKM Stage

English: Işık Barış Fidaner

Türkiye’de akademik olarak tiyatro eğitimi veren ilk bölüm olan Ankara DTCF Tiyatro Bölümü hocalarının KHK ile meslekten ihraç edilmesi, Türkiye’de her geçen gün artan tiyatroda üreten ve üretime katkı sağlayan herkesi, yıldırma, yıpratma ve yıkma faaliyetlerinin en gözle görünür örneğidir.

Sanatsal üretimin ve sanatsal üretime katkı sağlayan tüm unsurların çeşitli yöntemlerle susturulması, sanatın ulaşılması güç hatta imkânsız bir noktaya çekilme çabasını ve tiyatro dünyasına sayılamayacak kadar katkı sağlamış bir bölümün işlevsizleştirilmesini reddediyoruz!

Daha önce de söylediğimiz gibi tiyatrolar üretecek yaşayacak yok olmayacak!

ÖKM sahnesi

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Lighthouse — Life Is Strange

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On what-is and what-ought-to-be

The surest way to lose sight of the unseverable link between us and what-is is to attempt to place a what-ought-to-be up against and independent of what-is. This effort conceals our link with what-is under a negation.

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To prepare the revolution

The spark that starts the revolution. The forms of relations whereby the revolution can propagate. The people, the communities that can carry the revolution. The power and want to take and implement such an enormous decision, the manner, the attitude, the personality that it takes. To be able to bring such a personality to maturity, the blows undergone, the impasses fallen into, the turnings back, the givings up. The decisiveness. The ability and want to be decisive, to know and to assert this possibility. Not to be buried in fear, to recognize fear on sight, to be able to overcome fear.

To recognize each and every false hope and to abolish them, but not to take refuge in despair. The courage to confront the void that shall emerge in the peeling off of all of those false hopes. To hang on not to the world but to one’s spirit, to hang on to the spirit of one’s own and to the common “holy spirit”. To abandon the seeking for guarantees. To be liberated from the subordinating needs like confirmation, authorization, sanctification. The present world conditions subordinate us to the hegemony of this or that will in the short term, but our power to change ourselves, our power to change totally as a community, is also a power that abolishes this subordination and makes us independent in the long term. In fact, I don’t know whether terms like power or ability are appropriate. Can we see one’s will as an energy? In that case, what is a state, an attitude, a manner, a personality? When are the experiences permanent and when are they temporary? When is this permanence positive and when is it negative? It might not be proper to use Physics metaphors, so we may move to other scientific domains to borrow terminology, like probability.

The Turkish version was written by Işık Barış Fidaner on April 12th 2011.

The English version is a translation by Light Peace Treeman for #WritersResist on January 11th 2017

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A short summary of Aslı Erdoğan’s defense

I observe that law has become a means for digestion [1]. I’m going to do my defense as if ‘law existed’. I’m not going to lecture this roomful of legal experts about law. It’s your duty to defend justice. Law can’t solely defend the state and the politicians. Free Agenda is a newspaper with permissions and yellow press cards, it’s distributed by Turkuvaz Distribution. We are members in a symbolic advisory board of a legal newspaper. The advisory board has not gathered once, has not taken a single decision in 5 years. Legal principles are being violated. A few words being tweezed out of eight books and hundreds of texts, manifest a medieval inquisition. The sentiments are bitter, the respect and conscience is literature. As justice cannot exist without a conscience…

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