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“Hiç Kusura Bakmamanızı Rica Ediyorum” ADALET ÖZEL SAYISI — imleyen derlemesi

adalet-ozel-kapakSon versiyon: 21 Temmuz 2016

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That my student would be an informer — Zeynep Sayın

Zeynep Sayın — 18 June 2016 — platform24.org (Turkish)

I heard the news Thursday morning. Like a death knell, a message expected for long, and as much an impossible one. The dead will come back, this awful joke will be over. As soon as the distinguishing of its reality began, the sentiments withdrew.

Art 301 lecture. Anthropology of the image. Mirror stage for Lacan, Debray’s evolving of the mirror image into a corpse, the symbolic order, the Big Other in a Lacanian sense, one’s desire to be desired by the other, Kojève’s dialectic of servant-master…

The recording made during the lecture, in between the lecture, after the lecture, dismiss the content, keep the uhhs, cut-paste, collage.. The clip about being in Alhambra movie theater.. All of my students know that here is a lecture, here is not a lecture.

That they wouldn’t know. That my student was an informer. That he would call my suggesting of The Bible as one of the books that should be read, missionary work. That he would like to make me prey to the press, to judicial organs, to the Lacanian Big Other, to take my hodjaness [hocalık] and my respectability and to reduce the sentences into coffee chat, to defuse them.

That the institution where I hold this lecture, the respectable private university of my country, instead of questioning the existence of the voice recordings, its cut-paste, the morality of the student who took and distributed this recording, would lean on the scientific incompetence of the hodja, effectively opening door to a violation that can be done to all hodjas in all universities, that it would render this violation publicly legitimate.

Once upon a time I wrote a book called Pornography of the Image… Don’t call something or you will undergo it yourself.. your image became pornographic. I feel the private rights and law violated, my privacy attacked. They could also record bedroom scenes and break them into pieces… Maybe they have already done.

What did Tezer Özlü say, this hometown is not ours, it belongs to those who would like to kill us.


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