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Işık Barış Fidaner

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Dissipative Adaptation is Death Drive

— The Perverse Core of Labor-Power: Making Oneself Used

Freud’s Second Topography Derived From Dissipative Adaptation

A Comic Fatalism of Entropy

Always Afterwards: Entropy and Sacrifice

Spatial and Combinatorial

Desire and Malfunction

Entropy: Deleuze’s Symptom, Lacan’s Key

Theory stages the entropy of the true truth

The Crisis of Authorization in Dark

Symbolic Separation and Real Separation

Knowledge-at-work is an Effort with Real Engagement

— All Success is a Success of the Repression of Sacrifice

Narration of Fantasmatic Reality and Staging of Symptomatic Truth

— The Paradox of the Phallus

— Symbolic Privilege and Real Privilege

The Opportunistic Media Ecology Has Supplanted The Law

— Symbolic Ground and Real Ground

— Ideology is grave matter indeed!

— Double time theory and the surface-supposed-to-know

— Incomplete Universe: Energy & Entropy, All & Not-All

— The microstate does not exist

— The greatest possible division: 1/e

Identity and Disparity of Same and Different

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