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ŞÛJIN — 28 March 2017 —

DİYARBAKIR – After starting its publication life one year ago, the 5th issue of Jineolojî journal is out today. Receiving intense interest in one year, the journal is in “Searches for a solution to the Middle-East crisis” in this issue.

Woman science (Jineolojî) aims to reassess sociology, psychology and all scientific disciplines to reinterpret them, in brief, to take history out of androcentric [*] readings and to establish it in the trajectory of truth. To tell better about Jineolojî as the most basic need to recognize and redefine woman in her consciousness of freedom, women launched the Jineolojî journal one year ago. Having been published on March 8 last year with the slogan “The science to be developed around woman is the first step to the right sociology”, the journal is now meeting women with its 5th issue.

‘Completed its first year on March 8’

Telling that they have stepped onto the 2nd year with this issue, the journal’s editor Elif Berk says “We have been with women during 5 issues. In the last issue we had investigated ‘Jineolojî as self-defense’ as the special topic. At first regarding our aim there was a tendency to determine our headings with those who deeply affect us, that obstruct our development. Again, as the continuation, as the reflection of this tendency we thought it good to investigate the Middle-east that we live within. With this tendency, the topic of our 5th issue turned out to be “Searches for a solution to the Middle-East crisis”


‘We asked what the crisis’ reflections to the women are’

Elif tells that they asked “What are the Middle-east crisis’ reflection to the women” and says “As the women who aim to develop a new science, a new method of thought, and thereby to change and transform life, we shaped our questions as: wherefrom can we touch the crisis, how can we solve this crisis with what kind of approach, how can we find the exits from this”.

Telling that the journal is especially about orientalism, dogmatism and positivist thought, Elif said “That said, we also don’t have the perception that Middle-east have always been in pain, in crisis. We also asked where we could find the smiling face or the self-oriented face of the geography called Middle-east. We tried to feed on various peoples and beliefs that we designate as an ancient geography”. Noting that the journal includes articles on Êzidî, Alevi women, on femicide, Elif said “We tried to analyze the state of affairs from religion to sexism”.

‘Women should read for themselves’

Calling women to read the journal, Elif said “Women should read the journal for themselves. We have to think about the ways to get out of ideological, mental, social, economic, all kinds of exploitation, in a more serious fashion and more systematically. That’s why we have to look at the origins themselves, not at the consequences themselves. And we have to thereby develop common ways for solutions, methods. Jineolojî journal, as a journal of scientific theory, is one of the fields that present us with an opportunity to think and discuss”.

‘Women find themselves in the workshops’

Also reminding of the jineolojî workshops that go on around Turkey, Elif added “Jineolojî is not a field that’s limited to the journal. Its theses are very strong and it’s currently in a process of self-construction. Especially young women show intense interest to the workshops”.

One can reach the journal at the address “” and from the bookshops.

English: Işık Barış Fidaner

[*] t.n. The text says “masculine readings” but I decided to say “androcentric readings” instead:

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